About Us


HAAMI Inc is a Not for Profit organization

started in 2009 with a primary focus to

establish and promote Islamic brotherhood among its members.

We have come a long way in calling Australia our home away from home. When we came in small batches and slowly established ourselves on the land of opportunities- Australia. Alhamdulillah, HAAMI was formed with lot of passion to achieve common goals and dreams. Every member brings in diverse personalities, traits and characteristics. But we are all woven by a vibrant string of unity in the Name and Sake of Allah (SWT) and his Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

Our Mission

Haami family will be stronger, united

and focused on overall development and

welfare of our Hyderabadi and broader

Australian community by accepting and

promoting Islamic legal diversity, tolerance

and respect for each other.

Our Vision

To promote unity, preserve, 

uphold and practice our cultural & moral

values. Collectively we are aiming to build a

social platform for our members and their 

families to prosper.

Our Goal

Our Future

Collectively we will engage our prospective

generation with an aim to establish HAAMI

youth center by unlocking their potential

and make them role model in Australian society.